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Ky'lai Darkblood

Ky'lai Darkblood

Alliance Ally — Melee damage 4/4 Night Elf Death Knight — Play Cost: 5

While you control another ally with Elusive, this ally has Elusive.

While you control another ally with Spellshield, this ally has Spellshield.

This ally does not have Elusive or Spellshield on its own. If you control two or more Ky’lai Darkbloods and no other allies with Elusive or Spellshield, the Ky’lais will not have Elusive or Spellshield.

Art by: Michael Kormarck

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Core
  • Legal in Block
  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
Reign of Fire (86-U)