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Format: Core (Year 4 & 5)
Deck played by: Ben Isgur
Place: Top 8
Hero (1)
1x Spellweaver Jihan Uncommon
Ally (18)
4x Adam Eternum Rare
4x Burly Berta Rare
3x Magni, the Mountain King Epic
3x Mikael the Blunt Uncommon
2x Muradin Bronzebeard Rare
2x Weldon Barov Epic
Ability (30)
4x Arcane Barrage Rare
4x Blizzard Rare
3x Brittilize Common
3x Counterspell Rare
4x Everlasting Cold Common
2x Mana Sapphire Rare
3x Spell Suppression Common
4x The Taste of Arcana Uncommon
3x Tuskarr Kite Uncommon
Equipment (3)
3x Wub's Cursed Hexblade Rare
Location (4)
4x Eye of the Storm Common
Quest (6)
3x Report to Goldshire Common
3x Rituals of Power Uncommon