Black Temple Tokens

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7 cards

Card name Type Cost Rarity Artist
1 Ashtongue Channeler Ally Token — Shadow damage 0/1 Broken Channeler Common Massive Black
2 Shadowy Construct Ally Token — Melee damage 2/1 Shadowy Construct Common Dave Allsop
3 Soul Fragment Ally Token — Melee damage 3/1 Soul Fragment Common Brandon Kitkouski
4 Gathios the Shatterer Ally Token — Holy damage 5/3 Blood Elf Paladin Common Warren Mahy
5 High Nethermancer Zerevor Ally Token — Arcane damage 4/4 Blood Elf Mage Common Dany Orizio
6 Lady Malande Ally Token — Holy damage 2/5 Blood Elf Priest Common James Zhang
7 Veras Darkshadow Ally Token — Melee damage 3/2 Blood Elf Rogue Common Dany Orizio