Feast of Winter Veil

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12 cards

Card name Type Cost Rarity Artist
1 Hardpacked Snowball Instant Ability 3 Rare Cyril Van Der Haegen
2 PX-238 Winter Wondervolt Ability 3 Rare Dave Allsop
3 Greatfather Winter Alliance Ally — Melee damage 2/5 Dwarf 4 Rare Christopher Moeller
4 Great-father Winter Horde Ally — Melee damage 3/4 Orc 4 Rare Matt Cavotta
5 The Abominable Greench Ally — Melee damage 7/5 Yeti 9 Rare Warren Mahy
6 Metzen the Reindeer Ally — Melee damage 0/2 Reindeer 1 Rare Brian Hagan
7 Gingerbread Cookie Equipment — Item — Cookie 3 Rare Mike Nicholson
8 Mistletoe Equipment — Item 3 Rare Jim Pavelec
9 The Reason for the Season Quest Rare Thomas Denmark
10 Treats for Great-father Winter Quest Rare Sloth Productions
11 Father Winter's Helper Token Rare Christopher Moeller
12 Tiny Snowman Token Rare Christopher Moeller