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Format: Core (Year 4 & 5)
Date: 2011-07-01
Venue: n/a
City/Country: Rimini, Italy
Participants: unknown
List source: www.dailymetagame.com


# Player Hero
1st Andrea Blandino Horde Shaman Sepirion the Poised
2nd Jan Palys Alliance Shaman Kinivus the Focused
Top 4 Mark McKiernan Horde Shaman Sepirion the Poised
Top 4 Hendrik Corneby Horde Warlock Souldrinker Bogmara
Top 8 Michele Cremagnani Horde Rogue Sinthya Flabberghast
Top 8 Stuart Wright Alliance Rogue Gyro of the Ring
Top 8 Ronny Schmertosch Alliance Mage Spellweaver Jihan
Top 8 Jonas Skali Horde Shaman Sepirion the Poised