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61 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Saria of Stormwind Hero Uncommon
2x Blessing of Might Ability Uncommon
2x Censure Ability Common
2x Hammer of Justice Ability Common
2x Holy Light Ability Common
1x Holy Shock Ability Rare
1x Seal of Wrath Ability Rare
1x Wrath of Turalyon Ability Rare
3x Alador Stonebrew Ally Common
3x Andiss Butcherson Ally Uncommon
1x Anika Berlyn Ally Common
3x Apprentice Teep Ally Common
2x Gerana Sparkfist Ally Common
2x Jeniva Prescott Ally Common
2x Kor Cindervein Ally Common
3x Orono the Great Ally Uncommon
2x Terina Calin Ally Common
3x Trixie Boltclunker Ally Common
2x Tyrus Lionheart Ally Common
1x Edgemaster's Handguards Equipment Uncommon
1x Golem Skull Helm Equipment Uncommon
2x Angry Dread Equipment Common
2x Citadel Enforcer's Claymore Equipment Common
2x A Bird in Hand Quest Common
1x Blueleaf Tubers Quest Common
4x Entrenched Quest Common
4x The Essence of Enmity Quest Common
2x The Grimtotem Weapon Quest Common
4x The Key to Freedom Quest Common