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61 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Skyler Faye, Daughter of the Light Hero Uncommon
3x Dark Deliverance Ability Common
2x Holy Word: Hope Ability Uncommon
1x Power Word: Tenacity Ability Rare
3x Power Word: Vitality Ability Uncommon
3x Redeeming Dispel Ability Common
2x Spirit Shield Ability Uncommon
3x Andrews the Just Ally Common
3x Apprentice Teep Ally Common
3x Darkshire Deathsworn Ally Common
3x Darktwister Kern Ally Common
1x Faithseer Jasmina Ally Rare
2x Father Charles Ally Common
3x Kalek Deepearth Ally Common
3x Lady Bancroft Ally Common
3x Northshire Crusader Ally Common
3x Petreus Roffe Ally Common
1x Seva Shadowdancer Ally Rare
3x SI:7 Assassin Ally Common
3x Archival Purposes Quest Common
3x Entrenched Quest Common
3x Escape from Durnholde Quest Common
3x The Essence of Enmity Quest Common
3x Lightning in a Bottle Quest Common