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61 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Stromdak of Ironforge Hero Uncommon
2x Armed to the Teeth Ability Common
3x Battle Shout Ability Common
1x Enraged Regeneration Ability Rare
3x Execute Ability Common
2x Heroic Leap Ability Uncommon
2x Rend Ability Common
1x Stance Mastery Ability Rare
2x Darktwister Kern Ally Common
3x Kelsa Wildfire Ally Common
3x Knight Karia Ally Common
2x Laenthor Shademoon Ally Common
2x Liba Wobblebonk Ally Common
1x Mooncaller Jynalla Nightpath Ally Uncommon
3x Nakistis, Exodar Armorer Ally Common
4x Patricia Potter Ally Common
2x Shanis Bladefall Ally Common
1x Terina Calin Ally Common
1x Bloodbane's Fall Equipment Common
1x Golem Skull Helm Equipment Uncommon
3x Fel Iron Hatchet Equipment Uncommon
1x Warmace of Menethil Equipment Rare
3x A Bird in Hand Quest Common
1x Blueleaf Tubers Quest Common
4x Entrenched Quest Common
3x Forged of Shadow and Flame Quest Common
2x The Grimtotem Weapon Quest Common
4x The Key to Freedom Quest Common