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33 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Graccus Hero Uncommon
1x Hekto Starspire Hero Uncommon
3x Blessing of Protection Ability Uncommon
1x Blessing of Wisdom Ability Rare
1x Cleanse Ability Uncommon
1x Consecration Ability Rare
3x Hammer of Justice Ability Common
2x Holy Light Ability Common
1x Redemption Ability Uncommon
2x Righteous Vengeance Ability Common
3x Vindictive Strike Ability Common
2x Draconian Deflector Equipment Uncommon
2x Fel Iron Hatchet Equipment Uncommon
2x Scimitar of the Nexus Stalkers Equipment Uncommon
3x The Fel and the Furious Quest Common
2x Gahz'ridian Quest Common
3x Your Fortune Awaits You Quest Common