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33 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Kintara Wintermoon Hero Uncommon
1x Joren the Martyr Hero Uncommon
1x Binding Heal Ability Common
1x Castigate Ability Uncommon
2x Chastise Ability Uncommon
1x Dispel Magic Ability Uncommon
1x Flash Heal Ability Common
1x Greater Heal Ability Uncommon
3x Melt Face Ability Common
2x Power Word: Fortitude Ability Common
2x Power Word: Shield Ability Common
1x Prayer of Healing Ability Uncommon
1x Renew Ability Uncommon
1x Resurrection Ability Rare
1x Shadowfiend Ally Rare
3x Shadow Word: Death Ability Common
2x Wand of Eternal Light Equipment Uncommon
2x Gahz'ridian Quest Common
3x Tabards of the Illidari Quest Common
3x Your Fortune Awaits You Quest Common