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61 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Elderlimb Monster Hero Uncommon
2x Entangling Roots Ability Common
2x Face of Fear Ability Common
2x Friends in High Places Ability Common
1x Innervate Ability Rare
2x Mark of Goldrinn Ability Common
3x Moonshard Ability Common
1x Nature's Reach Ability Rare
2x Stalwart Bear Form Ability Uncommon
3x Verdant Boon Ability Uncommon
3x Ashroot, Ancient of Lore Monster Ally Uncommon
2x Deathsmasher Mogdar Monster Ally Common
2x Gilblin Bully Monster Ally Common
1x Gilblin Plunderer Monster Ally Uncommon
2x Jadefire Felsworn Monster Ally Uncommon
2x Jadefire Hellcaller Monster Ally Common
2x Jadefire Satyr Monster Ally Common
2x Jadefire Scout Monster Ally Common
4x Jadefire Trickster Monster Ally Common
2x Naz'jar Myrmidon Monster Ally Common
3x Neferset Darkcaster Monster Ally Common
3x Stonebranch, Ancient of War Monster Ally Uncommon
1x Bloodbane's Fall Equipment Common
1x Branch of Nordrassil Equipment Rare
1x Blueleaf Tubers Quest Common
2x Entrenched Quest Common
3x The Key to Freedom Quest Common
3x The Last Living Lorekeeper Quest Common
3x The Maw of Iso'rath Quest Common