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61 cards

# Card name Type Rarity
1x Jaina Proudmoore Hero Uncommon
2x Deep Freeze Ability Common
1x Frost Nova Ability Rare
2x Frostbolt Ability Uncommon
4x Glacial Tomb Ability Common
2x Ice Lance Ability Common
3x Mana Agate Ability Uncommon
1x Whiteout Ability Uncommon
2x Anathel the Eagle-Eye Ally Rare
3x Corin Stallnorth Ally Common
2x Cynthia Masters Ally Common
3x Dradam Chillblade Ally Common
2x Fumdol Mountainfrost Ally Common
2x Hunrik Blackiron Ally Common
3x Kalam Blacksteel Ally Common
2x Kara Vesstal Ally Common
2x Malar Silverfrost Ally Common
1x Roke the Ice Baron Ally Rare
3x Wendy Anne Ally Common
2x "Zooti" Fizzlefury Ally Uncommon
1x Bloodbane's Fall Equipment Common
1x Demonfang Ritual Helm Equipment Rare
2x Wand of Ruby Claret Equipment Common
1x Blueleaf Tubers Quest Common
3x Entrenched Quest Common
3x The Key to Freedom Quest Common
2x The Last Living Lorekeeper Quest Common
2x Sea Legs Quest Uncommon
3x Seeds of Their Demise Quest Common