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Form of the Serpent

Form of the Serpent

Instant Ability — Traitor — Play Cost: 3

Class Restriction: Druid

Traitor Hero Required

Ongoing: When your hero attacks, put a poison counter on Form of the Serpent. Your hero has +1 ATK this combat for each poison counter.

Remove all poison counters → Your hero deals 1 nature damage to target ally for each counter removed this way.

If a card refers to a counter, it's referring to a counter on itself unless otherwise specified. The ATK bonus is locked in as the triggered effect resolves. For example, if you attack with your hero, add a third counter, and then remove all counters to deal 3 damage to a protector before the protect point, your hero still has +3 ATK this combat.

Art by: Massive Black

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Servants of the Betrayer (39-R)