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Dimzer the Prestidigitator

Dimzer the Prestidigitator

Alliance Ally — Shadow damage 5/6 Gnome Warlock — Play Cost: 5

Gnome Hero Required

Escape Artist

When you play Dimzer or another ally, you may put 1 damage as it when it enters play. If you do, draw a card.

This power doesn’t trigger off an ally entering play; it triggers off an ally being played. You choose whether or not to put 1 damage as that ally enters play. If you do, you draw a card before any player gets priority. If such an ally is interrupted, you can’t draw a card because the "if you do" fails. If you control two Dimzers and play an ally, you can put 2 damage on it as it enters play and draw two cards. However, if that ally has 1 health, you can't draw a second card because you can’t put more than fatal damage on it. Similarly, you can’t put damage on an ally with printed health 0.

"The blood of my allies shall add fuel to our fire!"

Art by: Jim Nelson

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Fields of Honor (97-R)