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Master Marksman

Master Marksman

Ability — Marksmanship — Play Cost: 2

Class Restriction: Hunter

Marksmanship Talent

Ongoing: Your hero has Ranged Dual Wield.

Ranged weapons you control have +1 ATK, and you pay 1 less to strike with them.

The controller of a hero with Ranged Dual Wield can have two Ranged weapons without violating uniqueness, and can strike with two Ranged weapons per combat. If a player strikes with multiple weapons in the same combat, the combat damage is associated with all of those weapons.

The controller of a hero with (normal) Dual Wield can strike with two Melee weapons per combat. The controller of a hero with both powers can strike with two Melee or Ranged weapons per combat, but can’t strike with both a Melee weapon and a Ranged weapon during the same combat.

Art by: Matt Dixon

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
Twilight of the Dragons (44-R)