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Horde Ally — Arcane damage 2/4 Troll Mage — Play Cost: 3

Opposing Ongoing abilities lose and can't have powers.

This only affects opposing abilities in play. An ongoing ability remains ongoing, and an attachment remains an attachment and retains both its attach and host descriptions.

While you control this, pre-ongoing text on a resolving ability is processed as usual. Each power on an opposing ability that triggers "when" it enters play is lost just before it triggers, so each such power doesn't trigger. However a power on an ability that does something "as" it enters play is processed as usual. Similarly, each ability with a power that says it enters play with a specified number of counters enters play with that specified number.

"Stop interrupting me, mon. I'm tryin' to concentrate."

Art by: Ron Lemen

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Classic
Wrathgate (154-C)