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Format: Core (Year 6 & 7)
Deck played by: Alexey Evgrafov
Place: Top 16 of 292 participants
Hero (1)
1x Rohashu, Zealot of the Sun Uncommon
Ally (37)
3x Alethia Brightsong Common
4x Baby Murloc Uncommon
3x Bhenn Checks-the-Sky Common
3x Bloodsoul Common
3x Faceless Sapper Common
3x Jadefire Scout Common
2x Lordann the Bloodreaver Rare
4x Orc Grunt Common
4x Runzik Shrapnelwhiz Common
4x Takara, Timewalker Warlord Rare
4x Tauren Tracker Common
Ability (12)
4x Blood and Thunder! Common
4x Grand Crusader Rare
4x Hammer of Justice Common
Equipment (3)
3x Axe of Cenarius Epic
Location (4)
4x Blackrock Spire Rare
Quest (4)
4x Seeds of Their Demise Common