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Format: Core (Year 6 & 7)
Deck played by: Luca De Angelis
Place: Top 8 of 292 participants
Hero (1)
1x Illidan the Betrayer Uncommon
Ability (30)
1x Decisive Strike Common
3x Fan of Knives Rare
4x Helplessness Rare
2x Legacy of Betrayal Epic
3x No Mercy Rare
4x Poison the Well Uncommon
4x Prey on the Weak Common
4x Shadow Strikes Rare
3x Sinister Strike Common
2x Slaughter Rare
Equipment (15)
4x Blackout Truncheon Rare
3x Boundless Agony Rare
4x Maimgor's Bite Rare
4x Millennium Blade Common
Location (3)
3x Uldum Rare
Quest (12)
4x Escape from Durnholde Common
4x Seeds of Their Demise Common
4x The Path to the Dragon Soul Common