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Format: Core (Year 6 & 7)
Deck played by: Marco Losito
Place: Top 16 of 292 participants
Hero (1)
1x Drazul the Molten Uncommon
Ally (27)
2x Archimonde, Hand of Sargeras Epic
4x Baxtan, Herald of the Flame Uncommon
4x Bloodsoul Common
4x Kahul the Sunseer Rare
2x Mazu'kon Epic
4x Tauren Tracker Common
3x Thrall the World-Shaman Epic
4x Timewalker Grunt Common
Ability (22)
4x Flame Lance Common
4x Ice Barrier Rare
3x Ice Lance Common
1x Magma Spike Common
3x Mana Agate Uncommon
3x Overload Uncommon
4x Rime and Freezin' Rare
Equipment (3)
3x Miniature Voodoo Mask Rare
Location (4)
4x Blackrock Spire Rare
Quest (4)
4x If You're Not Against Us ... Common