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Format: Core (Year 4 & 5)
Deck played by: Jan Palys
Place: 2nd
Hero (1)
1x Kinivus the Focused Uncommon
Ally (15)
3x Adam Eternum Rare
4x Ashnaar, Frost Herald Rare
4x Great Elekk Rare
4x Mikael the Blunt Uncommon
Ability (22)
3x Chain Purge Uncommon
4x Feral Spirit Rare
4x Spark Uncommon
3x Squall Totem Rare
4x Tuskarr Kite Uncommon
4x Wind Shear Rare
Equipment (8)
4x Signet of Manifested Pain Rare
4x Voice of Reason Rare
Location (4)
4x Eye of the Storm Common
Quest (11)
4x Concerted Efforts Common
4x Report to Goldshire Common
3x The Torch of Retribution Common