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Ability — Survival — Play Cost: 4

Class Restriction: Hunter

Ongoing: On your turn: 2, Activate → Remove target ally you control from the game. If you do, put it into play under your control at the end of the next opponent's turn.

As part of that ally leaving play, any counters or damage on it are removed, all of its attachments are destroyed, it becomes an illegal target to any links targeting it, and it is removed from any combat. It returns to play only if it was removed from the game and remained in that zone continuously until its return. It returns to play ready and undamaged.

"Know your environment ... feel your environment ... be your environment." - Zane the Sniper

Art by: Efrem Palacios

Tournament Legality:

  • Legal in Contemporary
  • Legal in Classic
Twilight of the Dragons (38-R)